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Eastgate   ‘00’

Diesel / Electric Layout Project

At the start of the 2016 club year, the committee approved funding for the construction of a new ‘00’ layout project.

This layout is intended to have an approximate time setting ranging from the post modernisation plan to the present day.

We consider that many clubs do not embrace this period and ours has been no exception - until now.

We need  more members to help us create this layout, you would be very welcome.


Eastgate on RMweb

A small group of members, not directly involved with other projects commenced building  a new, small '00' layout at the beginning of 2017. This is to be 10ft long and 16” wide, but with a proposed extension to take it to 15ft.  Track laying complete. Wiring is almost finished and the layout is operational. It is wired for DC control, but will also accommodate a DCC system.

We have members in the club lacking in general layout building experience, including young members just getting into the hobby. There are also members for whom the current projects are not subjects or scales that they easily relate too and wish to build a British layout with a modern, post privatisation theme. This project provides an opportunity for these  members

The long term intention, if we gain sufficient member resources, is to build a larger layout as a front section for the Club’s 14 road common fiddle yard. However, in the first instance this modest new layout will be self contained with a three road traverser fiddleyard.

The modest size lends itself to reasonably quick construction, ideal for beginners and young members as each stage should proceed quickly and thus maintain interest. Speed of build is not in itself a key objective as we want to achieve a good quality of finish to enable the layout to attend local promotional events.

Provisionally called 'Eastgate' the theme is a modernised and refurbished northern town/city terminus, although it could have been a through station at one time. Trains will be a mix of DMU and EMU's as it is intended to provide the two platform tracks  with overhead wires. The modernisation will be reflected in the buildings, signage, and also in smaller details like the track, with newly replaced and ballasted flat bottom concrete sleeper track for the electrified line etc. .

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