Batty Moor 


Settle & Carlisle Exhibition Layout

Siege St. 


Traditional British Trams

Twickenham Jnct


Fine-scale LSWR Twickenham  station project



Established ‘00’ exhibition terminus to fiddle yard layout

Other Layouts

Drive-a-train’, Multi-Test Track, Common ‘00’ Fiddle Yard


Modular layout built as a skills improvement  project



The club has layouts in various scales and stages of construction.

Each layout project proceeds under the auspices of a ‘Group Leader’ and dedicated members, helped by others as required.

Members are encouraged to join the layout groups and to get involved in whatever aspects interest them.

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A NEW ‘00’ Layout with a Diesel - Electric theme & Skills improvement


Addison Rd.

Fine-scale, part of the LNWR  ‘Kensington Addison Rd Stn.


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